Nothing communicates more efficiently than a well made video. Whether you have a product or service to offer your customers you must know that getting a well planned and produced video in front of your customers is likely the best communication tool available. We are very good at working within your budget to design and deliver a video that will help bring you new business. The Video revolution has hit the web and you can now stream your video from your website at little or no cost. When your company will be represented and identified by the video we produce it is important to understand that there are some corners that should not be cut. By this I mean it is almost always imperative that we use professional voice talent and music. Combined with our great video and audio capabilities we can then produce a piece that you will be proud of and will represent the professionalism of your company. We recently aquired a 12 foot camera crane which gives us the ability to produce some awe inspiring shots that will mimmick the work of the Hollywood type production houses without the obscene Hollywood style rates. We recently did a 3 camera shoot of live surgical procedures where our capabilities exceeded the customers expectations. We are glad to send you examples of our recent work, just ask..