Picture Montage Video/DVD

Why produce a montage video? Most always it is to celebrate love. Here are examples of montages we have done:

• Pre-Wedding (dating period - love story) • Wedding Anniversary • Baby • Childhood • A Day in the Life • Sports •
• Life Story • Memorial Tribute • Family History • Career •
Growth of a family Graduation

There is no better reason to produce a quality video/DVD than to celebrate the growth of a family with a picture montage video. We gather all your best photos and put them together with music and a few titles and even your narration to create a celebratory look at the years together and the growth of a family. Our most popular production - there is rarely a dry eye in the house when this is viewed for the first time. This video will strengthen the bond of a family and give your children of all ages a strong sense of bonding - knowing what a great family they are a part of. We do special screens to really bring out the family theme such as the picture below with the hearts. Just give us a call we can turn this production into reality in a little a 2 days. We work with you to choose just the right music to set the mood. Better quality photos are scanned at high resolution so that we can program a slow zoom or pan motion as the video plays. This adds a tremendous effect that brings the stills alive and makes your production much more than just a slide show. You can combine your video shots with the still picture montage or even have us shoot some short clips to add to the production. Only limited by your imagination - this will be a video/DVD that will be treasured for generations. See our Film Transfer page if you have old films that need to be converted to digital video before the inevitable degradation.. See Pricing Page for montage costs.

All about creating a montage video

1. Decide on a theme. What do you want this video to communicate? What feeling do you want to leave the audience with? We custom taylor everything about the production to fit the desired theme.

2. Decide on a structure. Most family montages are done chronologically but some may be organized by subject such as a "Life Story" video that may have chapters that cover family, marriage, travel, hobbies, military service etc. as separate chapters.

3. Gather and Review all your Materials. This may involve contacting other family members and having them send you materials. Have them pack pictures/tapes with bubble wrap in a box and use a carrier that provides a tracking number such as Airborne, FedEx, or UPS, or Express Mail. Organize all your materials on a big table and sort for play order. Using small post it notes stuck to the back of each photo, number each photo for play order. Use the alphnumeric numbering system A1 through A9 then B1 through B9, C1 through C9 ect. This way when we scan and make a file name with that label the computer will sort the list correctly. The computer will not sort chronilogically if you just number them 1 through 100. You can insert materials in the order later by using a letter after the number like b8a , b8b ect..

4. Video Clips - If you have video clips from tapes, label each tape with sequence number and time to use from (zeroed) when the tape begins to play. If you have films we should convert them to digital first, then use the resultant dvd to determine time code to use. Example 12:32 - 13:45 Shot of Mom with child.

5. Music - think about which music you want to use for the production. Copyright laws dictate that you own the CD/tape/record containing the music that we use. If you don't have a song you want, we can purchase music on your behalf. Contact us for some suggestions of music that will work well with your type of production. Our productions average 5-7 seconds per picture (better pictures we program a pan, zoom, and/or rotation and usually play 9-12 seconds).

6. Pictures in Albums - If your pictures are in albums you can put the album name and page number on the post it note to help you replace the picture in it's place when we return it to you. If you don't want to disassemble your albums or if pictures are glued in you can send us the entire album. As you can imagine this triples our time to scan the pictures and we must add 1$ per picture to our rate to cover this extra work.

7. Narration - One of the most popular options is to add your own narration to your montage production. We can handle this several ways but the best is to complete the production then we record your narration while you watch it (with the music turned down). If you have a video camera you can record your own narration and send us the tape or we can arrange to have you recorded professionally. This is particularly special with the 50th wedding anniversary montage as we might record the husband and wife separately. We can then add the narration's to the montage together or separately and supply you with a DVD that has the montage with music, husband's narration and wife's narration all as separate menu selections. We can lengthen the time a single picture plays to match the narration if needed. This creates such a special keepsake for the family.

8. WORK - This will be a joint effort between you and us. It is time consuming for you to go thru and pick out the best pictures from a lifetime of accumulation. We understand this and will help you as much as we can. The one thing we can say from experience is, in the end you will always feel it was so worth the effort!

9. Give us a call- This seems obvious but we are a full time company and will be glad to answer all your questions any time day or evening. (513) 886-2062.

10. Why Choose Us? - You may be able to find a part time video person or friend who will offer a production at a lower price. At WFOVideo we add alot of extra effort and skill to each production. Pictures are retouched, and color corrected when scanning. Some videographers use a digital camera to "shoot" your pictures. This is much faster but the results are not as good as the more time consuming scanned photos. Creative editing is applied to enhance and make your production all the more special.