When a friend with a camcorder just won't cut it (unfortunately many bands waste time trying) we can put together a plan to produce some really nice video for your band that will fill every need and give that extra shot of promotion that may get you noticed by the right people. This business is a full time business for me and so I take it seriously. You may have a thought in mind of what a video for the band should involve and how you would use it or maybe this list will give you some ideas.

1. Teaser Promo - Short segments of a live performance spliced together in a 5 minute highlight of a live shoot. Mostly for website presence or promo CD distribution on .wmv file
2. One Song MTV video - Roll the dice for air time. Highly edited with many shoots.
3. Highlight Promo - In the 5-12 minute range, longer segments of original songs, Shoot 3 hours, use 10 minutes. Send out to get bookings.
4. DVD Album - Documentary of all songs plus bonus footage, interviews, etc., Sell copies at gigs and from your website.

For each of these there are many production factors that affect the number of hours to produce. Keep in mind that the hollywood level music video's you see from the top acts typically have over 5,000 man hours invested in one song's video! That said I pride myself in being able to produce something that will rival the entertainment value of those productions at an affordable level.

Undiscovered bands need to plan the best use of their time, effort and money. Maybe you need all 4 of these videos. I'm all about keeping costs low. I try hard to give high production value at earthly prices. A lot of hours work is involved, especially in list items 2 and 4 which may require multiple shoot(s) and or multiple themes and styles.

I can work up a rough cost when I know the scope of the project. Give me a call and we can discuss a plan.

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