Legacy Biography Production

One of the surest ways to build the strength of the family bond is to celebrate in the best way possible the history and personalities of present and past family members. There is no better way to do this than to have a Legacy Biography Production produced. This differs from a Premium Life Story production in that it features not only some great personal interviews, but the building of a person's character through what other's have to say about them by selective interviews with those who know the subject best. We work to document the true character of a person and the traits that made their family strong. It will be a treasured family heirloom for generations to come and you will be rewarded with the pride that comes from producing something that all families wish they had. Your children and their children will grow up feeling a strong bond to the "family" and the morals that the family was built on. The "Legacy Biography Production" starts with the Premium Life Story outline and adds any number of elements that best suite the current availability of family members, friends, associates and media assets. Genealogical research can be a part of the process as well. We have honed our organizational talents to investigate all the possible material that could be included and then design a production that will best portray the subject and tell the story of their life.

The video frame below is from a Legacy Production in which we filmed a reenactment of the chance meeting event of a client's parents that resulted in their marriage and subsequent raising the 3 children seen in the next paragraph. In this recreated scene the actor gets a cinder in the eye from the steam locomotive pulling them to the top of Mount Washington, NH in 1922. A kind young woman sitting near him helped remove the cinder. The resulting close eye contact must have been love at first site and they were engaged 3 weeks later. No, we didn't travel to NH to film it, we inserted moving New Hampshire mountains using a green screen and a local train car from a rail museum - only 4 hours work but the results to the client were priceless.

The three children that resulted from that chance meeting on the Cog Railway are shown in the 1933 photo below as well as a video frame of the same three siblings recollecting their childhood memories for their Legacy Biography Production.

The hours to produce this type of production can vary greatly. The goal is produce a piece that would be as professional as what you would see on the Biography channel. Your organization and ability to gather and organize the media assets, the volume of those assets, and the amount of live video and audio recording we do all have a significant effect on the overall cost. Using a family member to narrate the sections on past generations usually works well, or we can write a script and have the narration professionally read. We use background music to enhance the feeling of the production and plenty of title screens to identify and inform. We often interview other family members and others to help paint the picture that is your legacy. Past generations are brought to life, and current generations are shown in their best light to create a legacy that will bring pride to all family members for generations to come. We always strive to communicate the values a family was built on in our production. Today we use the term "Ethical Will" to describe the passing on of our values and beliefs, not just our material possessions. The communication of the ideals, wisdom's, values and faith that today's generation wants to document so that young and future generations will embrace them as their own.

We realize that the scope of a Personal History project may be the single most important thing you ever do. It more than anything else may determine how you or your parents are remembered and understandably can be somewhat daunting. Don't worry, the single greatest mistake you can make in this process is to not get it started. Feel free to give us a call any time and we will be glad to talk you through any or all the steps available to create a treasure for your family. We are happy to work at a pace you are comfortable with to achieve your goal of making a beautiful Legacy Biography production. Like any goal you have do break it down to simple tasks. One thing is certain, if you never start, you will never realize the tremendous feeling of capturing something that will be treasured for many generations to come.



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