Personal History
Same Day Special

Getting a high quality digital video recording done is the single most important step to preserving your family elder's life stories and wisdom's. We make it easy and affordable to get this most important task accomplished. Keeping it simple keeps the cost down and makes it less stressful for all involved.
Here is how:

1. You call us and commit to having us interview your family member.

2. We mail/e-mail you written materials to help plan the interview topics.

3. You call us to set the date for the filming. It can be weekday mornings, during the day or evenings.

4. We come to your location, review topics to be covered in the interview, then set up some small cool lights, 3 chip digital video camera and studio quality audio. (This takes about 30 minutes). This shoot requires that 110v house current is available so remote outdoor locations are limited to those with power. To shoot outdoors is OK if it is a fairly quiet environment.

5. To save cost, this is done as a live recording - burning a DVD as we film so there is no editing possible other than to pause the recording. We record for as long as you like to complete your "Life Story". Recording is broken into 2 hour limits on the DVD. If the person tires before completion we can arrange for a second day of shooting. You can include photos in this production by having a family member place them on a small easel or stand next to the interviewee and we will focus the camera on them when they mention them in their talk. We encourage everyone to end their talk with the "Ethical Will" topic in which you will pass on your most heart felt wishes, thoughts and hopes for the future, your life's lessons, your secret's to a happy life and good character.

You are handed the recorded DVD(s) at the end
of the session and your payment is due at this time.

Your cost is $175 minimum for the first hour of recording, $100 an hour after that charged in increments of 6 minutes. There is no editing other than stopping and restarting the recorder so it's as raw as it gets. Pictures can be added by shooting them live. There may be a small travel surcharge for locations significantly outside the Cincinnati 275 beltway.

6. The options for this "Special" are limited and as follows:
A) Master Tapes - $20 per 1 hour tape.
If you think that some day you would like us or some other source to edit the interview and add pictures and other media to it then it is wise to have us record a master DV tape as we shoot.

B) Extra copies of the DVD - $15 each
We can furnish extra copies of the master DVD we burn which is advisable especially if there are no master tapes made. Your master DVD as well as any copies we make will be printed with the subjects name and interview date on them and they will be in a Hollywood style DVD case. We take the master back to our office to copy it and you are invited to pick them up at our location a day or two later.


We are members of the Association of Personal Historians and as such are committed to advance the profession of helping people preserve their life stories and memories.

To order give us a call or E-mail below.