Personal History Project Options/Enhancements

Here are some elements we can supply that will surely enhance your production:

Professional Interviewer/Producer - To get the best interview possible we recommend our freelance interviewer/producer who is a Peabody Award-winning storyteller with 25 years experience reporting and producing television. She has a knack at asking the right questions and bringing out the best in people.

Professional Narration - We have several professional voice over talent people who we work with who can add a great deal to your production by narrating some of the pictures and movies or just saying the things that one will not easily say about oneself. We work with you to generate the script needed for this voice work and then have it read. We can have you listen to samples to choose which voice you like best.

Professional Make up Artist - The interviews we produce will be viewed by generations to come. Isn't it worth a small extra fee to insure you look your best? We work with a very experienced make up artist who has extensive experience working with older people and helping them look their best on camera - as important for the men as the woman, you will be surprised how much better you will look. Isn't that how you want to be remembered, looking your best? This "special" treatment makes an edler feel extra special and confident going in to what is often perceived stressful event of being on camera. More information here: Ashley Matheo.

Film Conversion - If you have old family films that need to be converted and archived on digital media we offer that service as well. We can then use cuts of those treasured clips in your production as well as supply you with DVD copies of all the footage with music background and chapter DVD navigation. More information.

Scanning of your pictures/slides or negatives - A significant part of every Personal History project is the digitising of the best of the family photos and memorabilia. We use a high quality flat be scanner to scan, then color correct and retouch if necessary your prized family pictures that will then be used to help illustrate the stories of your life. If your budget allows we can scan all of your photos/slides and supply them as picture files on disc or even make a custom narrated montage.

Stock Footage- We can locate stock footage or film that will be added to enhance your production and bring the viewer back to the times of your youth. More and more archival media is offered today than ever before so almost any subject you need illustrated can be brought to life using stock photos and movie clips. The Library of Congress has a searchable database of royalty free photos that can be used, many at no fee. Browse it here.

Book form "Life Story" - About 50% of the members of the Association of Personal Historians are writers who will produce a book of one's life story. This involves some recorded interviews, research, a talent for telling a story, rewriting spoken words into creative reading and formatting it with photos to produce a hard or soft cover short run publishing project. It is an art form and the members of this great organization are very good at what they do. If you decide you would like a book produced in addition to or instead of a video we will gladly put you in touch with one of these skilled associates who can supply that service.


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