Life Story Premium DVD


Give a gift to your family this holiday season that will be cherished for generations to come... A professional video interview with an elder of your family. Perhaps the most loving gift you could give to your family and future generations. We have designed a package that includes the features that will insure your "Personal History" is as special as you are. A Legacy is about life, about the times we lived in, and the people and events that helped shape us and each Life Story Premium is as individual as the subjects lives we portray. A professionally produced DVD that documents favorite stories, traditions, happiness, personality, loved ones, accomplishments, beliefs, wisdom and advice. It will be a treasure that will be passed on to generation after generation. Consider it "Regret Insurance" against loosing a loved family elder without the sound of their voice or the stories they tell recorded. DVD is the perfect media to insure future generations will enjoy it as much as you will today. Of course the project can grow by adding other materials and elements to be as special as your heart and mind can conceive.

Outline of tasks and events to produce a Life Story Premium DVD

If you have family elders in other cities beyond driving distance, I can find a local videographer who is a member of the Association of Personal Historians to do the interview and send me the tapes and pictures per my specifications for proper lighting, camera quality, and audio system design, usually for a reasonable additional cost.

Here is what family members wrote after having World Family on Video produce a "Personal History DVD"

Thanks so much for the DVD you created showing your recent interview with my dad and old movies and photos featuring dad and our family. After the memorial service for my father, the whole family sat around watching the DVD. We shared a lot of laughs, just as Dad would have wanted. It was a perfect addition to our recollections of his wonderful life. Lin Lichtenberg.

For more information on doing a Personal History see our Frequently Asked Questions and for ideas on preparation for your project, see the Tips page.

We are members of the Association of Personal Historians and as such are committed to advance the profession of helping people preserve their life stories and memories.

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