Nothing demonstrates the features and benefits of your product or service better than video. Today there are many more outlets that your promotional video can be displayed. From projecting on a wall size screen to streaming from your web site.

Your need for a marketing video depends on a lot of factors. It's design depends on how it will be used. An infomercial has very different attributes and structure than a video designed to be used by your sales force with potential customers. The underlying goal is common, to get the person watching to buy your products or use your service. This production will represent you and your company, so it must have a high production standard, and be very effective at communicating the quality of your product and the additional benefits of buying from your company. We are very good at making a production that looks and sounds like an expensive production house did it but at a budget you can justify. A high level of preplanning and services such as professional voice over or host are critical to success here.

Case example:

We recently got a call on a Monday night asking us if we could produce a new product promotional DVD and ship it Wednesday afternoon for an investor meeting in Chicago. We accepted the challenge and it went like this... Tuesday morning we met and developed a plan, Tuesday afternoon did a shoot at the company using employees as actors. By the end of the day the customer delivered a script (4 min) which I contracted at 11pm to a professional voice via the web. Wednesday morning we had another shoot in a different location. Back to the studio at noon, narration is there via web on a high bit MP-3 file. Production Rev 1 is done at 3:30 including an energetic music background and 8 custom graphic screens. Customer stops in and we make a few minor adjustments and burn to DVD and print DVD case jacket. DVD gets to Fed-ex with 2 hours to spare.

On the other end of the scale your marketing video may be a one shot taping of you leading your aerobics class that with the addition of a few titles is ready to sell to your class. Give us a call or e-mail. We would be happy to discuss your project or help plan your budget and show you samples of our work.