About your Videographer
From an early age, Richard S. Brown was one of those curious kids who wanted
to understand how everything worked.
By age twelve, he had a lawn mower repair business and 100% of his income went to
buying more tools until he discovered that mini-bikes and motorcycles were much more

















fun to ride than lawn mowers. He worked part time through high school and college as a motorcycle mechanic and avid motocross racer. Richard was close to his grandfather, Roger Stuart Brown, who

took a special interest in his grandson and his engineering capabilities. When Richard was nineteen, his grandfather wrote a book documenting their familyís history. If it were not for his grandfatherís wisdom and effort to research and document the familyís history, Richard would have never known the long line of good and honest people who were his ancestors. This lesson kindled, but didnít catch fire until 1999 when Richard began rethinking his long career in the industrial world, which he was finding less and less rewarding. He had mastered the computer and knew it could be a tool for bringing to life some family stories and personalities in a way that no other media ever could. World Family on Video was born on the first day of 2000 and Richardís very first project was his own family history. He had forty years worth of 16mm films and lots of photos, but what was missing was audio. No one had ever recorded his grandfatherís voice, and the many colorful stories that he loved to tell over and over were never captured. Roger had a laugh that would light up a room and a singing voice that he would use to entertain anyone who would listen. Richard felt a huge loss that his family had no audio of Roger, and he realized that his future mission would be to ensure that other families did not experience the same. For the past eight years, World Family On Video has been helping others preserve the life stories of family elders in the best quality possible. Using professional equipment to produce superior results,Richard continues to look for ways to improve the overall production in order to bring out the best in people. It is the integration of other media and creative editing that brings each interview to life and creates a true treasure for families and future generations. As an active member of the Association of Personal Historians, Richard is committed to advancing the art of producing personal histories. He has volunteered with the local Veteranís History Project and volunteers as a youth mentor with Youth Opportunities United. In his spare time, Richard ski races and co-chairs the ski race team for the Cincinnati Ski Club. He also organizes and volunteers with the Special Olympics Ski Partner program. Whether your needs are just a short video to commemorate a special
occasion or a full production documenting a large family history and archiving all the media that
goes with it, World Family on Video will be honored to serve you and excede your expectations.