(revised 3/07/08)

Our operating principals at WFOVideo are simple. Serving our clients by going beyond their expectations at a fair price is foremost in our minds. We would be honored to add your name to our list of happy and satisfied clients.

Most video production projects are quoted by first discussing your needs and options available to you in depth and then putting down on paper an outline or "scope of project" from which we can calculate a projected cost. WFOVideo will issue a written scope of project and estimate that will be held within 10%. Significant changes to the scope may require a change order to be issued and approved by you outlinig it's effect on cost.

We have three rates that we use to calculate your cost. These are listed here:
$45 / hr -"C" Travel time, Set up time for shooting on location, planning, consulting and research time.
$55 / hr - "B" Computer work- other than editing such as capturing, conversion, encoding and graphic design for logo work and video screens, case and disc art.
$75 / hr - "A" Shooting Time, computer editing and DVD authoring.
$5 / hr - per light (production grade lighting)- Shoots requiring our production grade lights add this fee to cover short life bulb expenses. Most of our "family" type productions use lower power lights that have no extra charge.

All jobs offer an initial free consultation /planning session to view our demos, define the scope of your project and generate a quotation.

Montage Video
The first 50 pictures/title screens are $5 each, Above 50 pictures are $4 each, above 100 pictures are $3.50 each. Video clips/your narration add hourly rate "B" listed above to capture, edit and add to the project.. Photos still in album pages add $.50 per photo to cover added time to remove/replace each.
This includes scanning of the photo, minor retouching, color correcting, converting to video standard, programming pan/zoom where needed, adding music of your choice and production to final dvd. Rate assumes customer supplied group of photos labeled and sorted in order of play. Pictures supplied already digitized to a computer file can deduct $1 per picture from above rates.

Extra's Pricing:

DVD duplicates (of productions we produced or extra copies of a transferred media) - $10 each. Includes DVD case with printed cover/disc. 6 to 10 = $9each, 11 to 50 = $8 each over 50 by quote.

TAPE TO DVD TRANSFER - $25 for hand labeled disc in jewel case, $40 for Custom printing on disc and Hollywood style DVD case with printed insert.

GOLD ARCHIVAL DVD - add $6 per disc. This product uses 24 karat gold as the reflective layer, offering maximum resistance to chemical breakdown -- one of the major causes of disc failure. Preliminary tests show that the Gold Archive Grade DVD lasts significantly longer than ordinary silver recordable DVD discs. One is included with all Personal History projects.

Distribition Mailing - We can facilitate the mailing of your final product to multiple locations. Custom quoted to your needs.

Web video, WMV & Flash Movies of your project are available at a reasonable charge based on project length - call with your needs.

* all prices do not include tax (if applicable).