There is no better a reason to produce a quality video than a milestone Wedding Anniversary. Be it the 25th, 40th or cherished 50th, we can help insure it is an event that will honor the couple and entertain the guests and create a family treasure in the process. The WFOVideo GOLD Anniversary package will insure that your special day is enhanced and documented in a way you never thought possible. Please read the description of the package below and see if you don't agree that this is exactly what your celebration demands.

Picture Montage Video - For as little as $3 a picture including 1 copy on DVD

We gather all your best photos and put them together with music and a few titles to create a celebratory look at the years together and the growth of a family. Our most popular production - there is rarely a dry eye in the house when this is viewed for the first time. We do a few special screens to really bring out the family theme such as the picture below with the hearts. Just give us a call we can turn this production into reality in a little a 2 days.



You may be considering taping your events yourself, but the truth is we can do it much better. We use a combination of wireless, hand held or shotgun microphones to capture all the audio action through a professional mixer. Combining the beautiful picture from our Sony 3 chip digital cameras and professional grade microphones we will give you fantastic color and CD quality sound at a price that can't be beat. We edit your production adding music, titles even special effects if needed. It's all done digitally in a powerful computer. We can output your production on VHS, VideoCD, S-VHS, DVD or even web stream. Don't let a special event pass by and miss the opportunity to preserve that special occasion. Give us a call to reserve your date soon as we book up quickly, especially for Saturdays.
We can give you a firm quote after discussing the scope of the event coverage with you.