Training Videos/DVD

Corporate Training:

Do you need a video, DVD or VideoCD or web video for a trade show or out of town customer or web based marketing or training?
Video enables companies to deliver a thorough and consistent message to their employees or customers. Travel expenses and other costs associated with training at remote sites are greatly reduced or eliminated by using videos, CD's, DVD's and streaming media on the web.

WFOVideo uses 3 chip DV cameras to acquire new footage for developing training videos for corporate and industrial clients. With extensive experience as a technical writer and customer trainer, we can put together a professional comprehensive training video for a surprisingly low budget. Video on the web or your internal network is now common place and of descent quality. The time has come to take advantage of this trend for many of your corporate communication needs. Having only one copy of the video on your or a remote server simplifies and economizes the process of keeping it up to date and more easily satisies ISO quality procedures.

Here are a few ideas you should consider:
Employee Orientation training videos are a great way to deliver consistent, high quality, effective training to your new hires. Get your new hires off started with a personal message from upper managment covering your mission and what you expect of them to help achieve it. Quality, safety, and and team spirit can be presented. New hire orientation, safety awareness, computer, network and office procedures are all excellent applications for employee training videos. Employee videos can easily be mailed to out of town offices, or even streamed from a website, eliminating expensive traveling costs. With an employee video there is no need to wonder if the subject was completely covered. Employee videos get the job done right the first time!

Seminar training videos unlike corporate and industrial training programs are typically straight recordings of a training or informational presentation to be distributed to employees that could not make the presentation or for reference at a later date. Any in house training conducted should be recorded professionally for future use or reference. A program typically consists of a speaker with slides, transparencies, or Power Point presentations. These are usually easy to edit projects, that makes them very cost effective.

Executive message videos are a great way to communicate your motivational, "state of the company" or quality objective message to employees at regular intervals. It insures the words will be exactly as your intention and your message clear and concise. One of the biggest criticisms of executives by employees is "they don't tell us what they expect of us and what the state of the company is."

Nothing communicates more efficiently than a well made video. Increase the efficiency of your work force by using videos to train new employees and document current procedures. Creating a new employee orientation video insures each new employee gets the same information - and in a way they are more likely to remember. Complex processes can be simplified when documented on video. The quality output of your business is directly related to the quality of your training program. Is your business relying on the employee to read and understand complex procedures? Are your overworked supervisors responsible for training but don't have the time? Let us put a proposal together to bring your training methods in line with your quality objectives. We easily produce them on DVD or videoCD's that will play on most computers and DVD players.

Web Training Video
More and more people have broadband web access these days
and video is more and more a part of the web experience. Most web video in 2006 is either Flash, Mpeg4 or Windows Media Video. We can produce and supply any of these formats, choosing the right one for your needs. Whether you are a small company just trying to get the word out in a professional way or a Fortune 100 looking for a better way to train, communicate and market we can take your vision to completion.

Use this outline:

The following can be printed to help you arrange your thoughts on your video production.

Training Video Specifications:

What is the topic?

What are your objectives? (can the objective be measured?)

Who is your audience?

What format & logistics for delivery?

What is your approximate budget?

Program Content:

List topics covered and describe scope of each.