Personal History Interview Only

Getting a high quality digital video recording on tape is the single most important step to preserving your family elder's life stories and wisdom's. We make it easy and affordable to get this most important task accomplished. Here is how:

1. You call us and commit to having us interview your family member.

2. We mail you a certificate to present to your interviewee and materials to help plan the interview topics.

3. You present the certificate as "a gift of love" and arrange date for the filming.

4. We come to your location, review the outline of questions and topics you have put together to guide the interview, then set up some small cool lights, 3 chip digital video camera and studio quality audio.

5. Recording for as long as needed, if the person tires before completion we can arrange for a second day of taping.
You are billed at our standard "Filming" hourly rates for camera run time plus travel / setup time charge for other time associated with your job.

6. The options on what more to do with the interview tapes are many. You can just pay us for the filming time and keep the master tapes until you want to finalize the production, perhaps adding some family still pictures or video footage. We can produce just the interview to a nice dvd as it is, or add materials and even other interviews with friends or relatives. To do a direct burn of the interview to DVD we charge $35 for a plain unprinted DVD disc/case or $55 for a custom printed case and disc. We can always give you an accurate quote for adding custom features to your final edited production once we have identified what you would like to add on.

For more information on doing a Personal History see our Frequently Asked Questions and for ideas on preparation for your project, see the Tips page.

We are members of the Association of Personal Historians and as such are committed to advance the profession of helping people preserve their life stories and memories.

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